QA Automation Engineer

Job description

Our QA Engineers take the lead in implementing higher level testing in the form of E2E and BDD test cases and automation. QA also facilitates developers in identifying and reproducing quality defects in the application. Along with validating feature implementation, performance and visual testing work will be performed.

It's a great entry-point in our team, including for young Engineers. 

Job requirements

QA / E2E / BDD Automation

  • 3+ years experience in test automation using two or more of the following: webdriverio, selenium, puppeteer, cypress, robotjs
  • Experience testing with leading browsers (chrome, safari, edge).
  • 2+ years testing react-based front end applications using chai, mocha, jest
  • 2+ years compiling, testing and deploying nodejs based applications
  • 2+ years API testing experience
  • 2+ years behavior driven development (BDD) testing experience
  • 2+ yrs of CI/CD experience (Travis, Github Actions, Gitlab CI)


1.3-1.8M NTD - we believe in fair, Shared Ownership across our team.