QA Analyst

Job description

Our QA Analyst role (like most at Phase) is quite a bit more challenging than QA roles in most software companies. Our product has far more complexity, edge cases, and integration challenges than most software. So it’s a role for QA who like a challenge!

Our QA Analysts are hands-on in the BDD process alongside designers, engineers, and product management. They’re taking care of manual QA work and interacting deeply with our team as they do.


Here's some of what we might expect of a new hire:

  • Capable to debug and modify the CI pipeline yourself (for testing purposes), and explain the product architecture, within 6-weeks.

  • Provide useful code review (consistent with our company’s standards) on other QA’s Merge Requests within 3-weeks.

  • Proactive participation in group planning, meetings, and other discussions within 1-week.

  • Capable of communicating a detailed explanation of our product vision (broken into specific features) within 4-weeks.

  • Complete a full BDD-process (alongside designers, product, and QA) correctly completing the QA role’s responsibilities in BDD, within 4-weeks.


This role is for highly-independent, proactive, user-centric engineers. Engineers who will work cross-functionally, think from the users’ perspective, and will take real ownership.

We’re looking for Engineers who step outside their comfort zone.


  • User-centric: considers their task “done” only when working code is in a user’s hands, and this user is having a great experience.

  • Collaborative: proactively gives/asks-for help and feedback, as early as possible. Works well both within team boundaries, and also across them.

  • Systems-Thinker: does the work required to plan work which fits into the larger architectural picture, and long-term product vision.

  • Proactive: speaks up, takes the initiative, and accepts personal responsibility for great user-centric outcomes. Believes nothing is ‘someone else’s problem.’

  • Positive Influence: outlook and behavior bring the team’s spirits up, not down. Positively contributes to the team’s energy and mood.

  • Responsible: thrives on a high level of autonomy and responsibility. Embraces accountability for outcomes.

  • Growth-Oriented: a constant and proactive learner. Allergic to “good enough” (差不多), always proactively, energetically improving.

  • Business-Thinker: takes responsibility to understand our market, strategy, roadmap, users, etc. Does not stop at just understanding today’s specification.

  • Clear Communicator: easily understands (and can be understood by) others in English. Good grammar is not required, the only requirement is that someone’s ideas can be clearly understood.

  • Cross-Functional Mindset: Collaborates hands-on with designers, product managers, other engineers, and even users. Does not restrict responsibility to implementing a specification which must be provided by others.

  • Sense of Urgency: Fights against an organization’s natural state: inertia. Knows that to build something great we all need to move mountains, now!

  • Adversity & Ambiguity: we’re tackling enormous, complex, important problems. We want to work with ambitious people who are not afraid to aim extremely high.

Job requirements

Our QA Analysts play an important role in testing, analyzing, categorizing, recording, and discovering any flaws in our system. QA also facilitates developers in identifying and reproducing quality defects in the application. Along with validating feature implementation, performance and visual testing work will be performed.

  • 2+ years of professional experience in a quality driven role related to mobile or web technologies

  • Experience testing with leading browsers (chrome, safari, edge).

  • Understanding of the software development life cycle and how it applies to QA

  • 1+ years behavior driven development (BDD) testing experience

We believe in fair Shared Ownership.