Full-Stack Engineer

Job description

Our frontend Engineering Team mixes standard frontend technologies like React, with a great deal of custom-built in high-performance data modelling in addition. We're looking for engineers comfortable living in both of these worlds: the standard, and the custom-architected. 

Job requirements

Skill and Experience

  • 5+ years minimum experience in the following
    • Fundamental knowledge of JavaScript (min ES6+), HTML5, and CSS and Node.js
    • Developing front end applications using Javascript UI libraries and Node.js frameworks
  • 3+ years minimum experience in the following React related technologies including but not limited to
    • Extending create-react-app based applications with styled components and TailwindCSS
    • Installing, compiling and bundling with Webpack, Yarn and Node.js and NPM
    • Designing UI Components using React with Storybook
    • Design and development of performant optimised UI components that can scale to hundreds of instances in a Single Page Application.
    • TDD using Enzyme, Chai, Jest, Mocha
    • In depth knowledge in the use of Chrome DevTools for debugging and performance optimisation
    • Use of git workflow with source hosting services such as github and gitlab

Preferred Experience

  • Developing graphical applications based on Canvas, Webgl and React.js
  • Experience in developing multi-tab SPA and handling concurrency issues.
  • Experience in Multi User Application development and offline support
  • Working knowledge and experience in integrating React, Webgl with webassembly
  • Working knowledge of leveraging web workers
  • In depth knowledge of UX principles and designer development workflow
  • Mac OSX / Linux / Windows 10 / WSL2 shell scripting and administration
  • Use of Docker Desktop for Mac OSX or Windows 10 or docker in native Linux


1.3-1.8M NTD - we believe in fair, Shared Ownership across our team.