Engineering Manager

Job description

Our Engineering Manager(s) are proactive, accountable, and independently-driven leaders. We expect them to coach, manage, and lead their teams to an uncommonly high standard. Their responsibility is to fix problems, not just identify them. Most problems in a startup are not very hard, there's just too many of them.


Here's some of what we might expect of a new hire:

  • Complete one-on-one’s with all team members, relevant peers, and other leaders within 2-weeks.

  • Clearly describe (and if necessary, re-create from scratch) key architecture diagrams within 4-weeks.

  • Capable of communicating a clear, detailed explanation of our product vision within 3-weeks.

  • Own the roadmap for your team (which is aligned with other teams) within 4-weeks.

  • Assume leadership of process & project management within 2-weeks.

  • Resource Planning: defines and aligns team roadmap with those of other teams, and also with both short and long-term business goals. Prioritises well in real-time effectively evaluating team-effort (cost) with user-impact (benefit).
  • Project Management: runs an efficient, well-organised, highly transparent process. Proactively seeks improvement, and is comfortable with change.
  • Sense of Urgency: Fights against an organization’s natural state: inertia. Knows that to build something great we all need to move mountains, now!
  • Adversity & Ambiguity: we’re tackling enormous, complex, important problems. We want to work with ambitious people who are not afraid to aim extremely high.
  • Independent Learner: proactively (and continually) seeks out all available experience, resources, and information to achieve positive results. Enjoys getting hands-on to understand the small details of how things work.
  • Inspires: clarifies, evangelizes, and further develops company culture, user’s needs, and product vision within their team.
  • One-on-One’s: holds frequent, effective one-on-one’s. Is accountable in following-up with clear next actions.
  • Organized: meticulously well-organized, takes notes (and shares them), and maintains an effective personal productivity system (like GTD).
  • Technically Literate: technical enough to ask engineering good questions about architecture, technical decisions, and progress.
  • Manages Energy: creates an environment which is supportive but also challenging, managing energy and morale. Leads the team in celebrating their wins.
  • Runs Great Meetings: for which everyone comes well-prepared: which have an agenda, clear goals and roles, and well-managed follow-ups.
  • Cross-Functionally Collaborative: works effectively and hands-on with other Engineering Managers, Designers, Product Managers, and others.
  • Growth-Oriented: proactively develops a growth-mindset in all team members. Plays the role of a coach, as well as manager and leader.
  • Responsible: [will copy from engineer]
  • Sets a High Bar: has very high expectations of their team, and transparently evaluates performance. Constantly improves the team, rather than defending status-quo (see link).
  • Difficult Conversations: comfortable having difficult conversations and delivering difficult feedback, in real-time -- does not manage “by trying to be liked” (see link).
  • Clear Communicator: easily understands (and can be understood by) others in English. Good grammar is not required, the only requirement is that someone’s ideas can be clearly understood.

Job requirements

  • 5+ years Software Engineering experience in JavaScript or Graphics Programming

  • 3+ Years experience building & leading teams

  • 3+ Years working cross-functionally with design, product, and business leaders

  • Solid understanding of software delivery process

  • Experience setting long-term strategic direction for team/product

  • Experience managing remote teams

  • Experience defining requirements and setting architecture, code review, and diagramming practices

  • Clear and concise communication (written and verbal)

  • Experience hiring and retaining top talent

  • Experience effectively aligning teams in ambiguous, complex, challenging situations (like a startup)

  • Familiarity with BDD, TDD, CI/CD, and DevOps

  • English language ability (Chinese a bonus, but not required)

We believe in fair Shared Ownership.