Backend Engineer

Job description

Our backend team are the architects of the backbone of our product, maintaining infrastructure across multiple secure and scalable interconnected services. We're looking for engineers who are able to provide enterprise-grade solutions to non-standard problems on a large scale.

Job requirements

Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years minimum experience in the following:
    • Microservice architectures

    • In depth knowledge of JavaScript (min ES6+) and Node.js

    • Yarn or NPM package management ecosystems 

    • Database knowledge (SQL/noSQL)

    • RESTful API development

    • Real-time web application development (websocket)

    • Unit testing using Enzyme, Chai, Jest or Mocha

    • API testing

    • Use of git workflow with source hosting services such as Github and Gitlab

    • Mac OSX / Linux / Windows 10 / WSL2 shell scripting and administration

    • Container technologies (Docker)

  • Experience working with automated CI/CD pipelines

  • Knowledge of vertical scalability (Redis, Memcached)

  • Knowledge of horizontal scalability: load-balancing, cluster/distributed computing 

  • Infrastructure experience: configuring, maintaining and deploying to AWS services like EC2, S3, Lambda, EKS (or their equivalents in GCP)

  • CLI script / application development

Preferred Experience

  • Knowledge of Python, Go and testing frameworks in those languages

  • Experience working with Kubernetes and Helm

  • Familiarity with K8s tools like Tilt, Scaffold or Garden 

  • Working knowledge of Terraform

  • Experience in infrastructure security and development of secure applications

  • Experience integrating microservices and backend architecture with Elasticsearch 


1.3-1.8M NTD - we believe infair, Shared Ownership across our team.